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Enai Red Chilli 

Inai moden paling best

RM20 inc pos

whatsapp /telegram 01112527257 for order

Digital Weight Scale

RM65 Include Pos

Whatsapp / Telegram 01112527257 for order

Whatsapp/ Telegram 01112527257 for order

Children Toilet Potty Training Chair Step UP Ladder Seat.

RM80 Inc pos

Product Details:

-Material: Plastic(safe&non-toxic )

-Baby Toilet Training seat with built in adjustable footrest.
-Encourages children to become independent.
-Hygienically safe and comfortable and can be easily stored.
-Made from non-toxic materials.
-Step and Potty Seat in one.
-Simply step and go.
-Folds away for easy storage.
-Child size seat and handles for security.
-Adjustable legs with 4 rubber anti slip stoppers.

-Suitable for all kinds of toilets.


A. Plastic seat with anti-slip and anti-skid protection

B.Non-slip step,adjustable to different heights


D.Padded feet with movable joint

E.Non-slip pads


G.Tightening key

colour box size:W:37cm, H:58cm, D:36cm,

pls make sure that your toilet is lower than

Dior Perfume 5 in 1 set


Pos RM8 Semenanjung
RM11 Sabah, Labuan,Srwk
Whatsapp/ Telegram 01112527257 untuk order

Pineng Powerbank 10000Mah (ORIGINAL)

Pineng Powerbank 


RM8 Semenanjung
RM10 Sabah, labuan, Sarawak.

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Chocolate Melting Pot

 Anda gemarkan coklat? Bayangkan coklat kesukaan anda dicairkan dan dicelup dengan pelbagai makanan enak! Menggiurkan!!!

Ataupun tuangkan ke dalam molds untuk membentuk coklat yang pelbagai! Pasti majlis anda bertambah istimewa!

***Barang-barang yang kawan-kawan bakal dpt dalam kotak Choc Melting Pot adalah :-
+ Spatula
+ 6 molds (heart, bear, square, coffee bean, star, Christmas tree)
+ Large Heart-Shaped mold (fill with ice cream, fruit, etc.)
+ 10 Wooden Chocolate Fondue Sticks
+ Spiral Fork (for truffle dipping)
+ Plastic Forks for fruit
+ Draining Rack
+ Flat Chocolate making fork for handing square chocolates
+ Instruction Manual 
RM 50 Include Pos