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Children Toilet Potty Training Chair Step UP Ladder Seat.

RM80 Inc pos

Product Details:

-Material: Plastic(safe&non-toxic )

-Baby Toilet Training seat with built in adjustable footrest.
-Encourages children to become independent.
-Hygienically safe and comfortable and can be easily stored.
-Made from non-toxic materials.
-Step and Potty Seat in one.
-Simply step and go.
-Folds away for easy storage.
-Child size seat and handles for security.
-Adjustable legs with 4 rubber anti slip stoppers.

-Suitable for all kinds of toilets.


A. Plastic seat with anti-slip and anti-skid protection

B.Non-slip step,adjustable to different heights


D.Padded feet with movable joint

E.Non-slip pads


G.Tightening key

colour box size:W:37cm, H:58cm, D:36cm,

pls make sure that your toilet is lower than

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